Casting groups of friends for new ghost / paranormal reality TV show


New Reality show now looking for groups of friends

Do you and a group of friends want to participate in a new television experiment that takes groups of 3 or 4 friends and puts them into a haunted house. Not just for the night, but for a few weeks to live in the haunted house and film what happens.

Ping Pong Productions joins forces with the producer behind “Paranormal Activity” to create the next generation of paranormal television. From all across America, groups of brave friends are signing up as test subjects in a groundbreaking experiment. This psychologically taxing series places each group of friends in one of the world’s most haunted buildings, each of which has been plagued for ages with reports of rampant hauntings. Each episode will follow one group of test subjects, who will be shut in their new home with only enough rations and essentials to live for two weeks with no outside intervention – and a handheld camera to record their experience. No one can enter and no one can leave. There’s no crew, no contact with the outside world, and no one to hear them scream!

Looking for GROUPS OF 3-4 FRIENDS. Group must include one couple in the mix. And ideal groups have at least one person who is a believer in the paranormal and one who is a skeptic. It is also preferred if someone in the group is legitimately afraid of the dark. FOR INITIAL CASTING, GROUPS OF FRIENDS MUST LIVE IN LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK, OR PHILADELPHIA AREAS.

To apply, you and your friends MUST live in either Los Angeles, New York or Philadelphia! Please DO NOT apply if you are not in one of those 3 locations because producrs are ONLY interested in groups that live in those cities for now. To apply for the show please email the following:
In order to be considered, EMAIL US the following information ASAP:

  • Full Name of each person in your group (and specify who the couple is)
  • City each person in your group lives in
  • Photo of AT LEAST ONE MEMBER OF YOUR GROUP (photo of each person preferred)
  • Tell us who, if anyone, in your group is a believer in the paranormal, a skeptic, and/or afraid of the dark.

send the email to:

3 thoughts on “Casting groups of friends for new ghost / paranormal reality TV show

  1. Sue Peacher

    Please I would love to do this, only problem don’t live in the states required, but if you ever go outside of the states listed I would love to know. I have a sister that is so funny when she gets scared and she lives in Alabama and I live in MD. Television would fall in love with her. It would be awesome. I do paranormal investigation on my own and she does not. Please let me know if you ever go to other states.

  2. Roy Roden

    How can we get on your show. I have seen something when I was 16 and a strong believer. We have a couple of so-so believers. We are trying to get into Mansfield Prison but it’s like a 2-3-year waiting list. I think this group would give you a good show. VERY INTERESTED We are in the N.E. part of Ohio. Thanks

  3. Danielle Wickham

    Hi, we are all family and love ghost hunting and scaring the crap out of others. I would love if you would cast my family as I believe that it would be a great opportunity for some members who have always been the ones that scare us at any given opportunity to get some of there own back. Only thing is we are in Melbourne Australia – we would love to enter – please please please.


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