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Massachusetts Auditions

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location: Ipswich, MA

Category: Student Films

Feature film about a group of teenagers in a small New England town, led by stage crew manager Mike Silva, who rise up against their school after the administration announces that they are doing away with the drama department and most other arts programs in the school due to budget cuts. A war ensues between the kids who wish to protest and the kids who wish to accept it. With the interference of a mysterious masked vigilante named Night Shadow, the war ends in a school shooting.

The film is to be shot in the summer of 2013 in and near Ipswich, Massachusetts. (It’s a small town north of Boston, you can’t miss it.)

Auditions will be held December 28-30.

Some parts have already been cast (including the main role, Mike Silva), but we still need actors from the ages of 15-19 to fill the following roles:

Bridget Lynn
Female, White, age 17-19, Brown hair/eyes. Spunky new girlfriend of Mike Silva who is very enthusiastic about joining him in taking down the administration. We need an enthusiastic actress who can be both relaxed and adventurous at the same time.

Trish Prynne-Johnson
Female, White, age 17-19, blonde hair, blue eyes. Mike Silva’s ex-girlfriend who still has vague feelings for him, but is much more concerned with being his friend and hooking him up with Bridget. She and Mike are very close and go to each other with a lot of their problems. Trish and Mike share secrets that they tell no-one else involving the identity of Night Shadow. NOTE: Trish MUST be as tall as Mike (around 5’8 or 5’9, we’ll explain why later on)

Brandi Giesel
Female, preferably White, age 16-19, blonde hair, blue eyes. The main villain of the film, she is a cocky actress who always seems to get the parts she tries out for, despite the fact that she’s really not that good at acting. We need an actress who can be a total BITCH.

Patrick Miller
Male, preferably Black, age 17-19. A lovestruck and depressed young man whose unrequited affection for Sally Smith leads him to insanity and violence. He is Mike Silva’s best friend, and likes to act in the school plays. We need an actor who can be calm at first and then explode into a plume of rage at the drop of a hat.

Josh Estevez
Male, Hispanic (of any race), age 17-19. One of Mike’s good friends who is a technician in the drama department. Not many lines, but still necessary.

Sally Smith
Female, preferably White, age 16-19. The girl of Patrick’s dreams, she is far too preoccupied with her infatuation for the mysterious Night Shadow to pay any attention to Patrick, or even learn his name.

Will Holiday
Male, preferably Black, age 17-19. The voice of reason within the drama circle, he has a desire to end the conflict, but does not want to anger Mike, with whom he has a turbulent friendship to begin with. He is very good friends with Patrick and Trish.

There are a few background characters (Melissa, Clyde, Liv, Chuck, and Brian) and a large ensemble. These characters can be of any race or ethnicity.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Ipswich, MA
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