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location: Nationwide

Category: Reality TV

Looking for REAL people from all walks of life to play shoplifters for TruTv show CAUGHT RED HANDED. Edgy looks, bad guys, punks,knuckleheads….. interesting characters, people that can be convincing being interrogated after being “busted”. Shooting in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Dallas, New Orleans.

**If you are interested respond asap to :::Please send::individual snapshot (not headshot) , what city you can work as a local in , brief bio (have you stolen stuff in the past?) , contact info and be prepared to make us a video submission of a friend interrogating you in the next week (instructions to follow). We are not looking for models…we want very real shoplifters. $250 for half day.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email:

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