The fabulous women and men of HAWAII!

Do you socialize with everyone who’s anyone in Hawaii?

Do you live in an amazing home and love the glamorous life?

Bravo Television is now casting affluent women and men who are the crème de la crème of the Hawaiian business and social scene!

Please email the following to

Your name, phone number & a short bio telling us about you, your friends and your fabulous life!

***Please also include several pictures


The Who’s Who of Oahu, Hawaii!!!

Socialites, local celebs & their significant others, pro or retired athletes, business owners & their significant others, could be hotel owners, restaurateurs, land developers, sugar cane plantation owners, pineapple farm owners, etc… Anyone who lives an upscale life, has a nice home and likes to socialize!

This is FANTASTIC exposure for anyone involved as it is an opportunity to showcase their current business or utilize as a PLATFORM FOR FUTURE PROJECTS. If you believe you or any of your clients, business partners, friends or acquaintances would be interested in this ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity, please contact me or forward this information along. I look forward to receiving any recommendations or referrals!


  1. Mark and Kelly Lightfoot

    My husband and I were just on the reality show Hotel Impossible it was great and the show was shot on Maui.
    We are both business owners and associate with people or should we say we have many high end clients. With my company I have worked with the likes of The VP of capital records, many actors etc. I am always discreet but we do know and work with a cool variety of people. But with the show my husband was chose for will bring a lot of attention to the islands. I guess my question is how do we go about getting more
    Auditions etc?
    We sure would appreciate it we could get some info.
    Real housewives of Maui would be wild!
    Just an idea.
    Much aloha,
    Kelly Lightfoot


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