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location: Toronto, ON

Category: TV Pilots

We are looking for actors for the shooting of a spec sitcom, Too Many Cooks. We are looking for actors who want to get in front of a camera and be creative. This is a non-paying gig, however, worst case scenario, in the end you’ll have another project to add to your ‘Actor’s Reel,’ highlighting your abilities. We make no promises beyond that, however, we will be aggressively marketing the finished project.

To apply, please forward your resume and head shot/photo to; we will inform you of audition dates and times.

What we’re looking for:

Female / 18-24 Years. / Indian
SAMEERA RAI – A beautiful South Asian woman. One of the show’s love interests. A serious character who is the head of her family. Everyone’s straight woman.

Female / 15-17 Years. / Indian
AMRITA RAI – Sameera’s younger sister. A typical teenager. Sarcastic. South Asian.

Male / 11-14 Years. / Indian
SANJAY RAI – Sameera and Amrita’s younger brother. Confident and competitive. Cute. Lovable. Thinks he’s the head of the family. South Asian.

Male / 51-60 Years. / Asian
JIMMY LEE – An Asian businessman who is well-dressed and intelligent, but not afraid to play the stereotypical Asian man if it helps him get his way. Cunning.

Male / 25-30 Years. / Asian
STEVEN & BRUCE LEE – Jimmy’s two Asian sons. Not the brightest, but lovable in their own way.

Female / 18-24 Years. / Asian
ANNA LEE – A beautiful and sexy Asian business woman. Jimmy’s independent and intelligent daughter. One of the show’s love interests.

Male / 31-40 Years. / Indian
RAVI – A South Asian Mr. Bean type of character. Not matinee good looks, more comic in appearance with character-actor looks. Must be able to handle physical comedy.

Male / 31-40 Years. / Any Ethnicity
PIERRE – A belligerent French Chef with attitude and a strong French accent. However we will consider other ethnic portrayals. (i.e. Scottish, Italian etc.)

Female / 18-24 Years. / Any Ethnicity
WAITRESSES – An assortment of beautiful and sexy women who apply for work at the restaurant.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Toronto, ON
Contact email:

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