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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Denver
NOW CASTING – “MENSCHEN” from award-winning director Sarah R. Lotfi (student academy award finalist THE LAST BOGATYR 2009). Lotfi has produced and directed several shorts, her film WAKING EYES (2011) is currently due to screen in Los Angeles Womens International Film Festival in March. Lotfi participated in the Emmy Foundation’s National College TV internship where she worked on HBO’s production of CINEMA VERITAE: THE SAGA OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY (2011), featured in American Cinematographer.

MENSCHEN is set in the last days of WWII and follows an Austrian captain and the disabled boy that falls to his care…

Production is set from late April – May 2012. This is a short student film, no pay, IMDB credits will be up when film is submitted to festivals in the fall.

Cold Read Audition – email to schedule a time. You may submit digital headshots and resumes as well, but it is not a requirement.

The Bug Theater
3654 Navajo Street DENVER, CO
SUN March 4th 10AM – 3PM

AUSTRIAN/GERMAN (German speakers / or appropriate accent preferred but not a requirement)

Eric Neumann – Hauptmann (MALE 30s) Aloof and a man of few words. There is a gentile air from his aristocratic heritage. The “burden of command” weighs heavy on him. (Austrian)

Walter Schafer –Medical Officer – Leutnant (MALE late 20s) Recently promoted, he treats patient in rote habit. He has lost his luster for life. (Austrian)

Seigfried Nadel – (NCO staff seargent) Oberscharführer (MALE 30s) A fighter who has seen action since the beginning of the war. He is hardened, a survivor, loyal to Nazi party ideology. A rampant atheist. (Bavarian)

Kaleb Stohl – Radio Officer (Corporal) – Obergefreiter (MALE 20s) A replacement officer, recently promoted, Stohl is unsure of his footing in the company. He reveres Nuemann, trusting him blindly. He alone grows close enough to learn his Hauptmann’s secret (Austrian).

Helmut Dreher –- sniper – Schütze (MALE 20s) S.S. sniper from Nadel’s squad. Simple, blunt, exertive. Willing to sacrifice himself in firefight, but self-serving in other circumstances. (Prussian)

Harvey Belmonte – Captain (MALE 30s) Italian-descent Brooklyn born company commander. Crass and callous he is casual he genuinely sympathies with Neumann but will not risk his neck to counter orders from the high command.

Eugene Holiday -– corpsman (MALE 20s) Texan doctor, beloved by the company for his cool demeanor and sharp rebuttals.

Miguel Rodriguez – – Sergeant (MALE 20s) Close with Holiday, he is an experienced soldier who can command respect while keeping a light heart. Good judgment.

Frank O’Doherty – Private (MALE 20s) A replacement, Irish-Catholic who is jittery and easily intimidated by his own lack of battle of experience and anxiety for an accepted place in the company.

Sam Barshefsky – – Corporal (MALE 20s) A pal of Holiday and Rodriguez, Barshefsky has Jewish-Polish heritage though he is an all American paratrooper. He is obsessed with amassing food.

Radek Novak (MALE late teens) Radek’s Down Syndrom preserves his child-like innocence. He is naive, well meaning, and extremely playful. His disability makes him easily susceptible to fits and verbal outbursts. Fascinated by mirrors. Radek moves with an agile grace. He looks past people, has an adept sense of hearing.

Ivana Novak (FEMALE 50s) Highly protective, she is always suspicious someone will come for Radek and goes to extreme measures to hide him at any given time.

Casting Location: Denver
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