CW – ‘The Star Next Door’ Reality Singer Competition with Queen Latifah


Queen Latifah’s new show is holding auditions for singers. New televised singer competition.

Singer Tryouts 2012 & 2013

The CW is launching a new reality TV singing competition called “The Star Next Door”, for now. The shows title is tentative and may change before the show is broadcast.

Queen Latifah is creating a new ‘Idol’ type show for the CW. “The Star Next Door” will have Gloria Estefan and John Rich as part of the show as well. Rumor has it that they will serve as mentors to the up and coming singers.

Queen Latifah and her new show have begun a nationwide search for the best undiscovered singers in the country. Are you an undiscovered vocal talent that is right on the brink of stardom? If so, this may be the show that will get you over the hurdle of getting noticed and discovered. The show will be holding tryouts in major cities nationwide including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Orlando.

Unlike other reality singing competitions like ‘America’s Got Talent’, ‘X Factor’, ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Idol’, ‘The Star Next Door’ will put more emphasis on the singers home towns. Where most singing competitions on TV cast nationwide then bring their talent into Los Angeles, This show will do the opposite. The show and the shows stars will actually travel to the singers homes to learn more about the vocalists, their home towns or cities and their surroundings, while at the same time work with the singers in order to prepare them for performance. The Star Next Door has brought 2 mentors on board with Gloria Estafan and John Rich. The show plans on bringing 2 more mentors into the fold that will travel to the singers homes. The mentors, Queen Latifah, Gloria Estefan and John Rich will prepare the singers to represent their home towns when they compete on a national stage.

Do you think you are one of these undiscovered singers who needs some help getting to the top? Looking for your big break? This may be that break you were looking for. Open casting call dates and locations have not yet been announced, but the show’s producers are accepting applications from singers through email.

To apply to be on the show or to request more application or casting call information, please send links to you performing (live and/or in studio) and your name, age, contact info, the city and state to: Let producers know why you are such a great undiscovered talent and why you need this big break so much.

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10 thoughts on “CW – ‘The Star Next Door’ Reality Singer Competition with Queen Latifah

  1. Brandie

    I am very interested in this and wondering when the deadline is?

  2. Rebecca

    I don’t think there is a deadline… I think the show is an ongoing process…

  3. Lyric Lowe

    I will also like to know when and how I will be contacted and again when the deadline is.

  4. Shaloun Mims

    I’m A Very Talented 14 Year Old Actor and Singer Willing To Play Any Roll

  5. Alexa C

    I am a singer and am 13. I would absolutely LOVE to be on this show!!!

  6. Trang N.

    Hi, I just wanted to know if there’s an Age Limit???

  7. Destiny H

    hey I’m 13 and I was actually wondering if there was some sort of age limit. If there will be any auditions in Atlanta, GA and if you need to pay to enter. just some questions

  8. Delton bell

    well I just been writing songs for a long time and I know I can reach out and touch people with my music. All I need is the opportunity to prove it and a help and hand to do so. Help me reach my goals to success because I have plenty of music and also can write any kind of song you would like. The world will enjoy the music to and that’s a fact. I just need to be heard and pointed in the right direction. I already have platinum songs that I singed, just need to get out and broadcast them, so please give me this opportunity to show it.


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