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48 Hour Film Project Team Members
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Washington, DC
We are a production team working with the 48 Hour Film Project and are looking for actors.  As of right now, we need to recast our female actors as most of them have bowed out in favor of paid work (which I understand completely).  We are hoping to work on a piece that features 6 actors (3/3 split) and have had little trouble casting the male roles, however we are now short two female parts.  We plan to have a read through on Saturday for a one day shoot on the same day.  We are not allowed to pay the actors, but will provide food and beverages.  Though this may seem last minute, the contest really doesn’t allow for much “planning”.

Please see out call for more information and samples of our previous work:

Call for Actors – 48 Hour Film Project (48hourfilm.com/dc)
Shooting Dates: May 4-6

Do you want to appear in a short film?
Yes? Awesome.

Do you have previous experience with short films, commercials, television, theater or features?
You do? Even better.

Now, have you ever participated in a project that was conceived, written, shot and edited in a mere 48 hours?

Still with us?

If that doesn’t scare you away, we invite you to join our team, Parts Unknown, as we attempt to create movie magic over a two-day period. We will be competing against nearly 100 other teams of filmmakers from throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia. We can’t pay you (not because we’re cheap, because it’s against contest rules) and we can’t even tell you about the roles we’re trying to cast (not because we’re unprepared, because we won’t even find out our genre until 6:30 p.m. on May 4). But we can ensure that you’ll be part of a truly unique experience that will put your creative abilities to the test.

If you or someone you know is interested, please send any credits, reels, links or resumes to: aarondevonhill@gmail.com or please call 703-795-9919.

***Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, has had an agreement with the 48 Hour Film Project organizers. Compensation under that agreement is deferred and will only be payable if the film is released in markets outside of those permitted by the agreement.  Both the Short Film Agreement and the employment contract have a rider attached that permits certain uses by the 48 Hour Film Project without requiring payment.  The SAG-AFTRA 48 Hour Film Project Short Film Agreement and Employment Contract covers SAG-AFTRA members and other professional performers and will be available on the 48 Hour Film Project website.

Recruitment Teaser:

Our Work:

Doriros “Anytime” Super Bowl Ad

The Ballad of Mike Ducherino


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Casting Location: Washington, DC
Contact email: aarondevonhill@gmail.com


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