ESPN / ABC Casting Extras for Indy 500 Video



Attention race fans, this is your chance to get cast in the opening sequence video for the INDY 500 in Indianapolis. ESPN is now looking for extras that can play race fans for the 2012 INDY 500 video.

Last year the video was nominated for an Emmy and ESPN and ABC must be hoping for the same this year. The INDY 500 opening sequence, broadcast on ABC in 2011, was nominated for the Sports Emmy.

This year the broadcaster will be shooting the video at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is looking for many extras to make this year’s video even better than last years.

The extras will portray race fans and are asked to even bring a change of shirts for different scenes. ABC is looking for extras of all ages, types, sizes and ethnicity in the Indianapolis area who would be available to shoot this coming Wednesday. The shoot will be in the morning from about 8AM to about noon.

The race will be held on May 27th and you may even see yourself on TV during the broadcast of the race. Unfortunately, extras will not be paid but the shoot sems like it would be lots of fun, especially if you are a serious race fan.

Extras need to arrive at the track at 8AM and enter through the track’s main entrance on West 16th Street. All extras should be dressed casually, as if they were going to the race and asked to dress like a race fan in your best INDY gear. Extras are also asked to bring along a few props that real race fans would have such as backpacks, coolers, etc. Basically, wear and bring whatever you would if you were attending the INDY 500 for real. Also, bring an extra shirt. You will be asked to switch attire for another scene.

You can leave your coolers empty since the producers will be supplying snack and drinks for all attending the event.

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