Extras for “Single Ladies”


The show “Single Ladies” is shooting in Atlanta and is looking for some very specific extras.

Atlanta Extras Casting

Please read the specs carefully and only apply if you fit the bill and are in Atlanta. – Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully if you are submitting.

Single Ladies is VH1 series that is produced by Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment.

Looking for ladies that are 20 to 30 years old and can play poker! You must have experience playing poker. The scene shoots on Tuesday so you must also be available on Tuesday.

To apply, please send email to SingleLadies2ATL@gmail.com with the Subject: Caucasian Female – Poker

Be sure to list your poker playing experience as well as your age, height, weight, and phone number.

Also casting an experienced bouncer to work Monday.
Any ethnicity, must be a male though! We are looking for typical bouncer – big guy or tough looking.

To apply, please submit 3 pictures, height, weight, age and contact info to SingleLadies2ATL@gmail.com. Subject: Top Security

White males who are snappy dressers and are able to work Monday. Must be between the ages of 21-35. You will be using your own wardrobe so you must have amazing and fashionable clothes.

To apply, please send 3 pictures, height, weight, age and contact number to SingleLadies2ATL@gmail.com Subject: Snappy Caucasian Male Dresser (Age)

Casting experienced Servers and Bartenders to work Monday.
You must list your serving experience in the body of the email.
To apply please submit 3 photos, your height, weight, age, and phone number to SingleLadies2ATL@gmail.com. Use the Subject “Experienced Bartender” if you are a Bartender and “Experienced Server” if you are a server.

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