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location: Atlanta, Ga

Category: Singers

Hi guys, my name is Shay. I am 20 years old and music is my everything. When I was little I always used to stand in front of my mirror and sing/dance with my broom stick well now as I grow and become older I would like to futher that big dream of mine, and actually take it somewhere. I am looking for 2 other girls who are willing to travel long night . Who are ready for no sleep days/nights and who are gonna work hard and serious about their work. I want to form a group. Now I have not came up with a name yet but once I reach that step, I would like for me and the girls to decide that together. I am looking for girls ages 17-21, and ready to take over lol. Girls who are between the areas of Columbia SC, and Atlanta Ga. Please email at the above email if you are interested and serious. Thank You guys so much!

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Casting Location: Atlanta, Ga
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