Iron Man 3 Extras

By | September 24, 2012

Iron Man 3, the third installment in the popular Marvel comic book franchise is now filming in North Carolina and may be filming in Florida. The film is using the working title Caged Heat and needs extras.

The movie brings back Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man and has been shooting since spring in North Carolina.

A casting call for Extras has just gone out.

Seeking several Middle Eastern Males available for filming 1 day in October. Will also be required to attend a fitting. Submit your photo and information (to include name, age, phone, city and state you reside, height, weight and clothing sizes) to us at with heading OCT.

The movie is rumored to have used thousands of extras and is still casting more. Those interested in submitting a photo and their contact info can email

One thought on “Iron Man 3 Extras

  1. Antisa

    I’m star material because I got the winning look for screen. I am talented in acting. Responsible and hard-working. I live in little country called Georgia and I wanna reach my goals. I think there is a really great opportunity for young actors who wants to become a star. Thank you for attention.

    Name: Antisa

    Last name: Butskhrikidze

    Age: 17

    Height: 171 (5’7)

    Weight: 50

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Auburn

    Dress: 36

    Shoes: 37

    Experience: on casting in Georgia I was chosen from 600 to 3. It was movie’s casting “Fast Forward”(by 247F’s creators) in a title role would be Travis Van Winkle but movie never happened. I think I wouldn’t be from 600 to 3 if I wasn’t talented. I go to acting school here in Georgia called “Berikebi”.


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