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I’m interested in singers. I write the songs and you sing them. If I really like your voice I’d like to create a full album using your voice I would write all the music and lyrics and create at least 2 music videos for the album. I’m located in Middletown Connecticut. Please let me know if you’re interested. I’d like you to come in and audition. The perfect talent will dedicate 2 days a week to work in the studio to create at least 1 song per session. Rehearsal will be done in the studio as none of the music will leave the studio or lyrics.

Once album is completed I will work on a web page for you as part of my company (Reh Dogg Entertainment) talent. We will discuss & negotiate compensation per album and digital download sold.

1. http://www.rehdogg.com

2. click on employment

3. dropdown menu on top right fill out last 3 options

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location:
Contact email: customerservice@rehdogg.com

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