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Trouble In Paradise (short 4 page film)
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location: Los Angeles

Category: Other Projects

This is a very short script, just 4 pages. It’s dark comedy along the lines of the Coen Bros mashed up with Curb Your Enthusiasm.

A man comes home to grab his final stuff from the apt/break up, only to find his very recent ex banging a half naked guy in clown make up. While the clown is caught in the middle (a~la Ralph from “Heat”), the two go back and forth about the present situation, all the while dropping hints they might not be as over each other as they’d like to think.

We need someone for the “Clown” part. The kicker is….it requires a bit of male nudity. To add to the shock/bizarre nature of the scene, the clown is first seen with his junk hanging out. We will do everything we can to keep it wides and obsucred from view, and to keep the idea going that the clown has on just a t shirt and nothing else without having to graphically show it. I promise we’ll make this as easy as possible on you.

This will be shot on the Alexa camera and is going to every film festival we can get it into, including Sundance for the shorts category.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email: kingofdepew2003@yahoo.com

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