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An new indie feature about what it means to share your dreams.

What happens if the dreams you have at night turn out to be someone else’s? An independent feature where dreams come true – literally.


To be shot in August 2012, on location in Northfield, Minnesota & Hayward, Wisconsin

Primary auditions will be held:
Saturday May 12 – 10am to 4pm
Sunday May 13 – 10am to 4pm

Callbacks will be held:
Sunday May 20 – 10am to 4pm

All auditions will take place at:
Room 136
The Weitz Center for Creativity
320 3rd St E
Northfield, MN

Please email Anna Swanson and Sam Dunnewold at to reserve an audition time slot. On confirming your slot, we will ask you to send us an electronic copy of your resume and a headshot.

Our Story
Lee Ann is stuck in a dead-end cafe job, her boyfriend is always away on business, and no one wants to publish her fantasy stories. Tony is reeling from his best friend’s death, trying to keep his contracting company solvent, and feeling like the loneliest little boy in the world. When they start to show up in one another’s dreams, together they begin to find a way to escape their respective realities, but they soon learn that escaping real life is not the same as finding solutions for their unhappiness. They can only live in a dream world for so long, and it becomes only a matter of time before they must awaken to face the issues of reality — whether together or alone.

Principal Characters Still to Be Cast
Lee Ann – age 24-26, an aspiring fantasy novelist who is frustrated with her life as a barista. Intelligent and introspective, she is an uncannily skilled lucid dreamer, and puts a great deal of store by the meaning she sees in her dreams. She is somewhat dissatisfied with her relationship with Jordan, but doesn’t know what to do to fix things; it becomes clear that she is still learning how to be her own person.

Tony – age 25-27, a fundamentally good guy who works as a personal contractor but has control issues. He has been deeply affected by the recent death of his best friend Morgan in a drunk driving incident, and blames himself for the accident.

Jordan – age 26-28, Lee Ann’s long-term boyfriend, a nice guy who just doesn’t get that being affectionate is not the same as loving someone. He sees their relationship as stable and destined for marriage, and his satisfaction with his own life leaves him blinded to his girlfriend’s frustration and loneliness within their relationship.

Tracie – age 21-23, Lee Ann’s coworker at the diner. A ditzy, talkative, occasionally absent-minded girl who doesn’t let that get in the way of having good ideas, which she freely shares with Lee Ann during their time together at the diner. She is sexually adventurous but well-intentioned, and tends to move from relationship to relationship quickly, and dreams of having the kind of ‘stability’ she sees in Lee Ann’s relationship with Jordan.

Note: we are also looking for actors to play extras, and a few smaller supporting roles, but these are the main characters that we will be reading for at auditions.

What We Can Offer You
We are a super-low-budget, but that makes this exciting and fun! Most importantly, we are all young, eager, and in love with our project, and hope that you will be too — we want to have an amazing experience making a really beautiful little film, and we want you to be a part of it. On a more practical level, we will pay for gas/transportation, we will likely be able to provide housing in Northfield during the shoot/rehearsals, and we will provide a small stipend for actors; meals and snacks during shoots will also be provided.

When and Where
Shooting would take place in and around Northfield, Minnesota, with the possibility of a few days in Wisconsin. We’re looking at rehearsals starting on August 3, and shooting starting on August 13, going through August 31. One shooting day constitutes ~8 hours of work, though it may be possible to split that up over several days for the smaller roles. While not all actors would need to be available for all shooting/rehearsal days, we are asking for a commitment of essentially the month of August for our two primary leads (Lee Ann and Tony) — we want to really take the time to craft these characters into the complex human beings that they are. That being said, we are willing to work with your schedules, so don’t let this stop you from auditioning!

Rough estimates of shooting days for each major character:
Lee Ann (6-7 rehearsal days, 13-14 shooting days)
Tony (6-7 rehearsal, 13-14 shooting days)
Jordan (2-3 rehearsal days, 4-6 days)
Tracie (2-3 rehearsal days, 4-6 shooting days)

Casting Location: Minneapolis
Contact email:

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