Making a All girl singing group in the silver spring area

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location: Maryland,Silver spring

Category: Singers

Looking for girls 13-15 who love to sing and making friends and i need singers and maybe one rapper and you can know how to dance or not

Please send a picture of yourself and a video of you singing/rapping your name & age

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Maryland,Silver spring
Contact email:

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  1. deziree

    I’ll send you a picture of ME/DESIREE, my friend Jamesha, katelyn, Nazhaya, and kloe AND ALSO a video, after you see the video please be sure to E-MAIL me:

  2. desiree

    Hey, my name is Desiree and I’m 13. I love to sing,dance,rap,model,and act.
    I’m so happy you came along with this project because I’ve been trying to start a dance group for about 3 years and I haven’t accomplished my goal yet, but I’m so glad god sent you my way because me and my friend Katleyn, Jamesha rehearsed and have been in 3 talent shows. We still didn’t get discovered…I hope you can be that person to help us.

  3. Crystal

    My name is Crystal and I’m 13. I love to sing and I rap to nicki Minaj all the time haha, I live in parkville so I’m not sure how far silver springs is. I dance all the time and have been told I’m really good (:

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