Michigan – Casting Lead and Supporting Cast for the feature film “Gothic V”


Gothic V
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location: Jackson, Michigan

Category: Film

“Gothic V” is an erotic/horror feature film centered on four college students during a night of partying. Obsession with the club turns into a nightmare of pain and deceit. As the power of the club is revealed.
Available Roles:
Morgan: (Caucasian female lead, ages 18-29) requires an actor who can convey strong and subtle acting as well as being strongly emotion both verbally and with facial expressions. She must be slim, attractive, athletic, agile and flexible, with the ability to jog. She must also be able to pass as a college student.
• Morgan comes from a poor family, currently in college, and has worked hard all her life to be the best and achieve a good life. She is engaged to Rick. Morgan is whiny, kind of bitchy, but ultimately a good person.
Rick: (Caucasian male lead, 18-29) this role requires an actor who is attractive, physically fit and who can play a nice charming guy. But he must also transform himself into a real sleazy kind personality. He must also be able to pass as a college student.
• Morgan’s fiancé, Rick, is a hidden jerk and a womanizer with an over the top sexual addiction for the extreme. He comes from richer parents. When he’s around Morgan he seems to be the making perfect partner. But behind closed doors, he’s a horrible person.
Katie: (Caucasian female supporting role, 18-29) must be slim, attractive and have the ability to act well using facial expressions. She must also be able to pass as a college student.
• Morgan’s “best friend”, she sleeps with Rick on the side because she secretly desires him. Because of this she is kind of a follower always hoping he will take her over Morgan. She tries to fulfill his sexual fantasies in order to win him over. But there are some things she will not do, which bores Rick. She will do anything for him including lying to Morgan. She is basically a nice girl who has just been caught up with Ricks charm and his desires.
Roxanne: (Caucasian female supporting role, 18-29) bubbly, flirty, attractive, slim. Will be dressed in skimpy club attire.
• Working as a waitress under the club owner Levana, Roxanne is a very big flirt with the guests. She does not like how Levana keeps her at bay. Roxanne wants and desires to have freedom within the club. She is very sexy and desires many different patrons. But when she can’t have what she wants she can become very angry. Most of the time she can hold these feeling in, but sometimes she vents out loud which causes her trouble.
Rob: (Caucasian male supporting role, 18-29) sarcastic, speaks his mind, funny and irritating. He must also be able to pass as a college student.
• Rob is dating Katie. Katie keeps him around mainly to keep Morgan off her trail as she works on winning Rick over.
Tatiana: (Caucasian female supporting role, 18-29) a sour, stuck-up demeanor. Attractive, slim. Will be dressed in skimpy club attire. Her part requires her to be a heavy smoker.
• She is a waitress at the club. She has a mysterious look to her. She is quiet but appears to be mean when not waiting tables. Her personality changes when she is alone. Tatiana is kind of a loner with an attitude, giving off the feeling that she could turn on you at any moment.
Jacob: (Caucasian male supporting role, 30-50) must have a mysterious disposition. Must have a rustic look. Irish accent preferred.
• Jacob appears to be a homeless man. He is seems to show up from time to time watching everything that is going on around the club as if he is looking for something.
Det. Leah Clark: (Caucasian female supporting role, 26-35) attractive with a professional look.
• Leah is a police detective. She is called to investigate the club.
Talon: (Caucasian Male supporting role, 25-50) muscular tattoo covered bouncer type. Must be able to intimidate others with facial expression.
• Talon is the bouncer at the club. He is very intimidating.
David: (Open ethnicity male supporting role, 18-29) partier, outgoing, physically fit. He must also be able to pass as a college student.
• David is an old High School buddy of Ricks, They used to hang out and party together. And recently just crossed paths after not seeing each other for a long period of time. David is also very empathetic to Morgan.
Adam: (Caucasian male supporting role, 25-35) not overly muscular but nicely toned body type.
• Biblical Adam from Adam & Eve.

(Caucasian females & males, 18-40) for clubbing environment. Gothic look preferred but not required.

(Caucasian females, 18 – 25) must wear dance attire and be able to pole dance.
This film will be submitted to festivals and will provide IMDB credit. We cannot offer any monetary compensation at the time. But we have implemented an aggressive investor campaign and do foresee investor interest. For now these are un-paid roles with deferred payments to principle actors using a point system. We will provide the food. All principle actors will have full role credit and receive a copy of the film when completed.
Audition Details:
Friday August 10, 2012
Time slots: 7:30-11:30, 12:00-3:00, 3:30-5:30
Saturday August 11, 2012
Time slots: 8:30-12:30, 1:00-4:00, 4:30-6:30

Jackson Coffee Co.
201 S. Mechanic St
Jackson, MI. 49201

How to Apply:
If you are dedicated, passionate, reliable and hard working and would like to apply, please email your headshot and resume to: gothicvfeaturefilm@gmail.com. Also include 2 available time slots and designated day(s). Please include the role(s) you are applying for in the subject line of your email. Submission deadline is August 7, 2012. Talent will be required to audition. Selected submissions will be contacted via email with time and day of the audition. Video auditions will not be accepted. If you have been selected you will be emailed sides prior to auditions. Please remember that you may audition for multiple roles.
Please also note this is not an adult film. But this feature film does have sexual themes within it, consisting of an erotic nature. EVERYONE MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18. Not all characters have a sexual nature, but the ones that do require free spirited individuals who are sexy, uninhibited and professional in some of the scenes. Models and exotic dancers are a plus but not mandatory. Some of these roles will require you to wear skimpy club wear to keep with the theme of the movie. Wardrobe will be provided once sizes are acquired. If you have any questions please contact Becca (Casting Director) using the email above.
Shooting is scheduled for weekends in the winter – summer of 2013 in Hillsdale, Michigan and surrounding areas. Weekend availability is important.
Visit us at gothicvfeaturefilm.wordpress.com for more information.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Jackson, Michigan
Contact email: gothicvfeaturefilm@gmail.com

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