MTV casting families who are moving in together – nationwide


Your family can tryout to be on MTV in 2013! Is your family moving in with another? Is your household about to get much larger? If so, MTV wants to hear your story.

Whatever the story for the move is, here is your chance to share it!
Are you and the family moving in with your long lost cousins from across the country? Maybe it’s some family friends? Are your siblings moving their family in? Maybe it’s strangers that need help? Whatever the story may be, MTV wants to know about your new living arrangements and the new household.

MTV is looking for dynamic families with outgoing personalities who are about to take a big step and move in with another family to live under one roof!

If this sounds like your story, send an email to with your name, location, contact information and a brief paragraph about your living situation and the people you live with or will be living with. Tell us about each person and please include a photo of yourself and those living under the same roof.

One thought on “MTV casting families who are moving in together – nationwide

  1. Laura M. Nardella

    I adopted my ex-father-in-law and I am in the process of moving him into my house to take care of him. He has COPD and asthma.


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