New BBC documentary wants 18-20 year old groups of friends to take part in holiday series!

By | May 29, 2012

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location: UK, England, Nationwide.

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The Big Vacation is a brand new programme which will be looking at how teenagers from all over Europe spend their summer holidays and how it differs from nationality to nationality!

It’s an observational documentary asking the question…“Do British teenagers have more fun and know how to party better than the rest of Europe?”

So ask yourself that question and if you’re answering yes, then we want to hear from you!
Are you aged 18-20?

The Big Vacation is a fun and light hearted insight into the world of young people escaping it all and going on holiday. We want to see what happens when British teens go away together, do they get on? Do their relationships change? Do they interact with other nationalities or mostly stay with other Brits?

It will look at every aspect of a teenage holiday. Who they go with? What activities they get up to? Where they go? What their priorities are? How they cope and most importantly how they interact with each other and the people around them when they are out of their comfort zone!

We want to get to know the groups of holiday makers, find out who influences who and see if the highs and lows of a teenage holiday are fundamentally the same whether you’re from England, France or Slovakia!

For example does planning a night out always involve “Do I look good in this?”, “Will there be lots of talent?” and “Which club is THE club to be seen in?”

We pay for your hotel and accommodation (for a group of up to 4 people) so if you and your friends fancy a week away to a location of your choice then get your completed application form back to us ASAP.

We are currently interviewing groups RIGHT NOW so get in touch to be in with a chance of getting a holiday…

For more info, add our Researcher – Tyler Bramley – on Facebook (his profile picture is a pair of flip flops) who is always online and can answer any questions you have!

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Casting Location: UK, England, Nationwide.
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