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location: New York, Manhattan

Category: Film

NYU Tisch School of the Arts undergraduate film project:

Filming will be a full day somewhere between Wednesday to Sunday next week (30/5 – 3/6).
The short film will be shot on a new Sony nexfs500 camera with Zeiss lenses, and will be in black and white.

One female and one male dancer is needed, it would of course be great if you could bring along a partner to work with you on the project. The couple will need to choreograph their own dance. The same couple will also be acting in a kitchen setting for parts of the film.

The film will be cut between the tension of a couple in an abusive relationship, and the female finally has had enough and retaliates. Themes of extreme feminism and passion will be explored.

Email me as soon as possible at to discuss further details.
there will be an audition held on tuesday at NYU.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New York, Manhattan
Contact email:

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