OPEN CALL for short gangster film tomorrow! – Oakland


location: Oakland, CA

Category: Student Films

Project Name: Lou’s Prey
Project Type: Short Film
Union Status: Non-Union

Project Synopsis

When a low-life addict decides to steal money from the city’s most notorious gangster, a hired executioner is assigned to hunt him down. When the hunter finally catches his prey, an unexpected accident forces both of them to come face to face with the ultimate evil.

Character Descriptions:

TROY GONZALEZ: Troy is a 25-year-old latino male. He is a new employee for the notorious crime boss Fat Reggie Gomez. He received a job from Reggie Gomez when his uncle Danny Torrez vouched for him. He is a cocaine addict and the addiction is starting to take control of him. The addiction drives him to steal to satisfy his urges. He is in a relationship with Fat Reggie’s niece Daniella.

DAKOTA RED: Dakota is a 40-year-old Native American hit man. He is well known in the crime community for not having any mercy on his victims. Everyone that he kills he scalps to keep a memento of his murders. He is a hired serial killer. He is Fat Reggie’s right hand man.

DANIELLA RODRIGUEZ: Daniella, 19 years old is crime boss Fat Reggie Gomez’s niece. She is his niece by marriage and loves to get involved with the wrong type of men. She is in a relationship with Troy James and he convinces her to help him steal some money from her uncle.

FAT REGGIE GOMEZ: Fat Reggie is the head of a Mexican drug cartel. He is very obese and eats everywhere that he goes. He is well respected and feared by many. He sometimes kills people himself to show that he doesn’t play any games.

LUCKY: Lucky, 21 is a small time drug dealer. He does cocaine with Troy and Daniella on a regular basis. He is eager to meet Fat Reggie to make a connection to expand his business.

Shoot Dates:
Sept. 21, 22, and 23rd
Sept. 28, 29, and 30th

Location: Oakland, CA

Sunday, SEPT. 9th from 11am – 2:30pm

Air Bar and Lounge
492 9th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

*Please Bring Headshot and Resume

We are really excited to be shooting this film to our hometown of Oakland, so we hope you will be able to bring your talents to this side of the east bay as well. Locations are close to BART stations. If cast, carpooling is available.

Low/No budget
Perks: Starring Credit, copy of DVD, and meals everyday on set (specific dieting requests available).

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Oakland, CA

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