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location: Port Washington, NY

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I am looking to cast the following roles for a shoot on June 8th at our studios in Port Washington, NY.

Time Frame – 9am -11am
African American Males & Females, Aged 55+ to play a married couple looking at an album with their daughter.

African American Female, Aged 25 – 35 to play the daughter

Time Frame – 11am – 1pm
Caucasian Female, Aged 35 – 45 to play a Mom of (2) young girls

Caucasian Female, Ages 6 – 8 & 9 – 11 to play the (2) young girls

Time Frame – 2pm – 4pm
Caucasian Male, Aged 35 – 50, to play a businessman

This is a corporate video; for internal use only. Pay for this gig is $100, inclusive of any fees or travel. Though the shoots are scheduled in (2) hour blocks it is not anticipated that it will take that long. Please contact me via phone or E-mail.

Thank you!!


Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Port Washington, NY
Contact email:

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