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Solace in all the Wrong Places
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location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Auditions will be held at the Phoenix of the center of the arts, 1202 N. 3rd st Phoenix AZ on December 1, between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. Email to reserve audition time.

Synopsis of the movie. This is a gritty short, about the pain of loss. This is a character driven movie. It is a provocative look at the inner life of a woman who has become a lost cause to society’s traditional routes of grief and has begun to look for solace in all the wrong places. As she begins to dig a deeper and deeper hole for herself she finds that rock bottom is sometimes an illusion for a tunnel that goes straight through the earth, to the other side of light. It is a sexual film that requires full and partial nudity from the two main women characters.
Laura: This role requires deep emotional and subtle expressions. She portrays not just the pain of loss, but the weariness of holding on during a time where everything feels as if it is falling apart. Laura is numbly walks through a society that is constantly telling her who she should be or how she should feel, and she rejects all the roles of women that are given to her. To be this role requires a bravery and an ability to step outside of the box and preconceived notions of femininity. This role requires full nudity. It will be done very artistically and with the desire show the grittiness and self-loathing qualities of the character.
Darcy: Darcy is Laura’s best friend and also occasional lesbian lover. The two have an intricate relationship based on feeling misunderstood in a world that is constantly building more and more responsibilities around them, as well as a constant searching and longing for intimacy. This relationship is at the heart of the movie. Darcy is a compassionate friend, who only wants to break down Laura’s walls, unfortunately as the movie progress and the Laura goes more and more downhill, their relationship also begins to splinter, as the two women are pulled into two different lives.
Bill: Bill is a side character, who hits on Laura at a bar, thinking she is just one more one-night stand in his long line of women he attempts on his business trips.
Sean: Sean is a friend of Laura’s who she constantly wants but can never have. Sean, is pulled in two different directions, he wants to love Laura and save her, and yet, he doesn’t exactly understand what is driving her into self-destruction. He feels intuitively he could never fill the hole that she lives with, and both pities and fears her, for her needs.
Lowell: Is 24 year old boy, who wants to get married more than anything else. He is needy and a bit codependent, is looking for the love of his life, thinking everyone he meets could be the one. He has a hard time being alone. Lowell is constantly trying to date Laura, but constantly gets turned down.
Tommy: Is a stereotypical stonner, who over values weed. He is also Lowell’s roommate.
Laura’s Mother: This is a small role, to show the moment right before she dies in the car accident with Laura and to give insight into what their relationship could have been like.

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