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location: Phoenix

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OCTOBER 25th and 26th Hair Model Castings

There are 2 castings coming up this week in the Phoenix area. Each casting is different. These castings are on back to back days.

WHAT: This is for a hair model event. At a hair model event, you will be sitting, standing, or possibly walking the runway while industry professionals discuss your hair while working on it in front of a live audience.
RATEs: (both basically pay the same thing $500)
CASTING # 1 – $250 per event day
CASTING # 2 – $200 per event day, $100 prep
WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona
CASTING # 1 – October 25th
CASTING # 2 – October 26th
WORK DATEs FOR BOTH: Prep October 27th. Event dates October 28th & 29th
WHO FOR BOTH: Attractive females. No weaves, wigs or extensions. Ages 18 to 30, dress size 0-6, open to some degree of hair change within your own limits. Any and all changes will be discussed at the model call and approved by you (the model) prior to anything being done.
CASTING # 1 – females -5’6 & taller, dress 0-6, no weaves no extensions, open to some degree of cut & color
CASTING # 2 – females – 5’5 or taller, dress 0-6, no weaves, no extensions, long hair models that will be used for styling and cutting if model is open to receiving a commercial cut, all models will be receiving color, but only monochromatic colors (blonde, red heads, brunettes, NOT abstract pinks, blues, greens, etc)..

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED – Please send your photos, height, dress size and current contact information with “PhoenixOCT” in the subject title. Check your spam folder for our emails if you do not get a response within 24 hours. We will reply via email if we think you can book so be sure to stay posted to your emails.

Job type: Paid

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