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location: New York City

Category: Theater

Casting Call:


by Lavinia Roberts

directed by Michael Feld


Wednesday, October 24th @ 9pm

Friday October 26th @ 9pm

Sunday October 28th @ 8:20pm


An exceptional girl named Paloma is coming to grips with death after the loss of her mother to cancer, and attempts to locate her in dreams. Plagued with strange dreams and nightmares, she is guided through her unconscious by an imaginary friend in search of her mother’s memory. As the dream world and reality merge and become indistinguishable, Paloma sifts through deep archetypes and monsters of the unconscious, looking for remnants of the past to hold on to so that her mother will not be lost in time. Her father and older sister are her only link to the real world, and they must do all they can to help Paloma work through her grief. This play is an exploration of a loss, a child’s first encounter with death and the incredible power of her imagination.

Seeking 5 female actors (non-equity) of any age and 1 male actor of any age to play:

PALOMA- Female; an intelligent and imaginative seven year old

NO NAME- Female (or Male); adventuresome imaginary friend

HARRIET- Female; older sister, eleven

FATHER- Male; grieving spouse and father of two

GRANDMOTHER- Female; deceased grandmother

MOTHER- Female; decreased mother

*Also seeking a shadow puppeteer and a stage manager.*

The play involves movement based theatre, so be prepared to move. This is an unpaid gig, and is part of the Manhattan Repertory Fall play festival. Auditions will be held on Saturday the 15th, Sunday the 16th, and possible call backs on Monday the 17th. To book an audition and for sides, please contact the director at

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New York City

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