Rap/Singing All Teen Girl Group Wanted

By | June 6, 2012

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location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Category: Singers

casting location: Las Vegas, Nevada

What up you guys my name is Missy & i’m 16. I eat, breathe, sleep and live rapping and music! Music is my life, and i am determined to start my own girl group. The group as of right now doesn’t have a name, but once we get all the members, we will decide together.

This group will have 5 members.

p.s: this will be a real group.. like >>> TLC, Xcsape, Destiny’s Child & The OMG GIRLZ lol

I’m looking for girls who:
1. Are 15-17 years old
2. Good vocals
3. Are dedicated & willing to put ALOT of hard work into this group!
4. Being able to dance or can remember choreography
5.Who will put the groups needs before anything else!

Send the Following Application to missylovesyhu@gmail.com and i will contact you as soon as possible. Also Please attach a picture of yourself to the E-Mail as well.




Date of Birth:



Phone Number where you can be reached & best time to call:

Are a Team player/ people person

Do you have a positive attitude:

Musical Influences:

Whats your favorite girl group or even boy band:

Tell me a little about yourself:

Have you ever had professional vocal training?:

Can you rap:

Do you write music?:

Are you able to choreograph dance routines?:

What is your vocal range?:

Do you have parental permission?:

Will you be able to attend group meetings/rehearsals regularly?:

Thank You! <3 Casting Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Contact email: missylovesyhu@gmail.com <<< if you need more information or have any questions.. i check my email everyday! xoxoxoxoxo, Brianna <3 Casting Location: Birmingham, Alabama Contact email: kbndms@yahoo.com Job type: Other Casting Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Contact email: missylovesyhu@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Rap/Singing All Teen Girl Group Wanted

  1. Trinity jones

    Hey I can rap really well but I prefer to rap in a group I tried the contact email but it said it was invalid. My email is trinitj1998@gmail.com and I’m 15.

  2. Teeara

    Hey im Teeara and I can rap,sing and dance. I always wanted to be in a girl group, I hope I make it

  3. alexis newsome

    hi im alexis and im very intrested i cant rap but i sure can sing lol and hopefully ill get to be in this group thank you:)


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