Reality TV – New Prank Show


Prank your friend on a NEW hidden camera TV show!

Reality TV audition posted by the Producer
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York, NY
This is your chance to set up your friend/ GF/ BF/ cousin, whomever, on a new TV prank show that will air on a major network. You’ll need to be discreet while setting this up so that your friend does not find out what’s going on. You will work together w/ a Network Producer to set up all of the details and get your friend exactly where they need to be to pull this off in front of the hidden cameras. This will require work and coordination, but it will be so fun & hilarious! Serious inquiries only: you must be someone that can manage details, and manage/ plan you and your friend’s schedule on the prank day so that we get them right where they need to be when the cameras are rolling!

Ad for Extras:
Be an EXTRA on a NEW hidden camera TV show! This is your chance to appear on a new TV prank show that will be airing on a major TV network. Looking for attractive extras, male & female, to help us do things like fill up the tables in a bar that we’re shooting at, be a customer browsing in a store where we are about to have a prank go down, etc. You must be able to play it cool, not crack up, and keep the prank that is about to happen a secret.

Email us at with the following information:
-Stats about yourself (name, age, occupation, where you live, and best number to reach you)
-Stats about the person you want to set up (same info as above…PLUS any info we may find interesting)
-Attach a current picture of you as well as the MARK. (It can be a casual photo.)

Casting Location: New York, NY
Contact email:

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