Seeking Actors- Short Film (MN and ND)

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Seeking Actors

Hello! We are seeking actors to fill several roles for a thriller/horror short film. This story takes place in the 30’s and will be shot in the style of the decade.

Several scientists travel to research an unexplored area in North Dakota and encounter more than they bargained for.

If interested in any of the following roles, please submit a headshot and resume, and a reel if you have one. In the “subject” line of the email, please indicate which character you would like to read for. Auditions will be set up individually at the actors convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frank- Lead Scientist, mid 30’s, intense and protective
Margaret- married to Frank, a housewife in her mid 20’s, devoted and youthful
Dick- Franks friend, mid 30s, a hard worker, but easily distracted and a jokester
Billie- young assistant, male, early 20s, OCD and tries very hard to impress Frank but is quick to anger
Edith-female scientist, late 40’s, very disciplined
Ernie- science assistant, early 20’s
Ice Eagle- Native American in early 50’s, serious about land and warns characters
Donald and George- Frank and Margaret’s children ages about 7 and 10
Eva- Franks mom, mid 60’s

Job type: Non Paid

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