Seeking Cheerleaders and their Moms for Reality Show


Now casting competitive high school cheerleaders – cheerleaders with exceptional ability in the sport and their supportive moms.

Are you a competitive cheerleader with a mom that is a “cheer mom”? Does your mom do everything in her power to make sure you succeed at cheerleading?

Are you a mom with a daughter who is a cheerleader?

  • Do you do everything you can to make sure your child reaches their full cheering potential?
  • Do you sacrifice to make sure your cheerleader gets the best coaching available?
  • Do whatever it takes to make sure your cheerleader’s dream becomes a reality?

Moms, to apply for this show please email a short bio, contact info, photo of yourself and your cheer star as well as links to any footage you have of your daughter competing and performing. Please also include the name of the High School that your cheer star goes to as well as the name of the dance teem / cheerleader squad she is on.  You may also include any competitions she has won, special awards and trophies.

Send all the above to this email CHEERCASTING@GMAIL.COM.

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