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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta, GA
Awls Productions
Short film by Laketa Awls

Auditions will be held at Clark Atlanta University in Mass Media Building 111 James P. Brawley Dr. S.W. Atlanta GA 30314 6-8pm Room G-17 Tuesday March 20, 2012. 1 Minute monologue there will be sides as well.

Money Motive is an independent, short, non-union film, intended for Film Festival use as well as credit for your current resume. We are looking for serious actors only those aspiring to pursue a career with film. You must be able to commit to about five to six weekends of shooting starting in the Month of April and some May in Atlanta Metropolitan Areas. This will be for those who are looking for exposure and experience. You will also receive a DVD copy of Money Motive for your personal use. Headshot and resume is not required but always a plus.

Brief Synopsis- A star on the rise who deals with many differect obstacles which lead to inciting incidents to make the character who she becomes in the end.

Character Breakdown

Monique- An African American female. She is a self-motivated Actress
who is trying her best to break into the professional world while running into alot of obstacles. Monique is a very strong and proud hard-working character.

Mona- Any ethnicity. She is the bestfriend to Monique. Mona is very comedic and sassy she enjoys her bestfriend Monique though Mona holds a very special place in Moniques heart with her being the closest family she has.

Ronnie – An African American Male. Ronnie is the boyfriend to Monique. Ronnie is dealing with some job issues which cause issues for himself and Monique. Ronnie is very charming and very well loved by many.

Jeff- Any ethnicity. Jeff is Ronnie’s friend. Jeff is all about his money. He is the friend that you never want your man to be around because he is always encouraging the wrong things.

Reese Boyd- Any ethnicity. He is a big time movie producer who is very conniving. He uses his authority and money to get what he wants.

James Heely- Any ethnicity. He is a friend to Reese also on his production team and conniving as well.

Josie Hover- Any ethnicity. She is a big time CEO of her production company Josie Hover Productions, She deals with plays as well as film productions.

There are also other roles you may be placed in with a few lines or none so we encourage you to audition!

Any further questions please contact via email if you get lost please contact 702-351-9326

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
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