SyFy Series casting call – ‘Haunted Collector’


Reality TV Texas

The SyFy series Haunted Collector is now casting in Texas. Is your home or business haunted? Do you believe your items or collections have a paranormal side.

Do you have a haunted house or a possessed object? Maybe John and the rest of the Haunted Collector crew can help.

John and his family will come to the rescue of ordinary Americans confronted with paranormal objects in the new Syfy series.

HAUNTED COLLECTOR, a SyFy reality series seeks haunted homes and businesses in Texas. A world-renowned paranormal investgator may be able to help and your story could be documented on a hit reality show. If interested,

please send an email  with the following information:
– A description of the threatening phenomena
– Information about the location, including any relevant history
– Your contact information (name, phone number, email address and city)

Send the above info to

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