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By | January 30, 2012

Posted by the Writer, Director/Producer Seeks Co-Leads for Stage Play
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Washington, DC & New York City

Co-Leads and One Supporting Role needed immediately for urban stage play. Please submit headshot, resume, and if you have a demo reel or audio include that as well. Please email all correspondence to This production will mount in Washington, DC and New York City.


The Solomon Brothers

Canaan Solomon (African-American Male in his Early 20’s MUST SING) Canaan Solomon is the youngest son of Ruth and Vaughn Solomon. He is a standout All-City football player who earned a full football scholarship to Saint Augustine’s College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Canaan was raised in the church by his mother but, has seen his older brother Matthew a former drug dealer who is no longer in the streets now, and his older brother Caleb, head of the drug organization The Shaw Mafia thrive off of the street lifestyle. Canaan is in love with his girlfriend Jaelin and wants to make plans for their future, but when he tears his ACL and loses his football scholarship, he has to decide if he will step out on FAITH or turn back to the STREETS.

Caleb Solomon (African-American Male in his Mid-20’s) Caleb Solomon is the middle son of Ruth and Vaughn Solomon. He was raised in the church as a child but, negative experiences with the church caused him to drop out of college and become the leader of The Shaw Mafia Drug Organization. Caleb is the owner of the Skylark Gentleman’s Lounge, which is a legal front for his organization’s drug dealing, gambling and numbers running. Caleb possesses keen business smarts and street smarts, which has allowed him to have one of the most infamous drug organizations in Chocolate City. Caleb is always business in the streets, but has a softer side when he is around his mother Ruth, his brothers Matthew and Canaan, and his girlfriend Delilah.

Manny the Bouncer-Typical serious Gentleman’s Club Bouncer who protects Caleb and The Shaw Mafia.

Casting Location: Washington, DC & New York City
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