Tryouts for Student Film – Philadelphia


Temple University grad thesis film seeking for lead roles
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Philadelphia, PA
Synopsis of the plot:
Maquette 1:1000, a 30-minute film, explores personal responses to the issue of abortion through events in two different cities, Taipei and Philadelphia. Lan, a young Asian woman studying architecture in the United States, must come to terms with a difficult decision when she discovers she is facing unexpected pregnancy for the second time. Memories come flooding back from her profound but doomed relationship with her mentor two years ago in Taiwan, when she terminated a pregnancy and left to pursue her career. Now, stuck in an unfulfilling relationship with her musician boyfriend, James, the culture shock that Lan feels in the West impacts her ideas about the choices ahead of her in this extraordinary journey.

JAMES (Lead male character)
White, Age: 31-35
A romantic, naïve musician who is pursuing his music career in Philadelphia. He meets Lan when she is new to the city. He has never been married but has a daughter, Carrie, who lives in another state with her mother.

PROFESSOR BROWN (Female supporting character)
White/Black, Age:45-55
Lan’s professor in the graduate architecture program. She is an accomplished architect who has a sensitive eye and sharp opinions about students’ work. She is a rational and organized instructor, but she also appreciates artistic and creative projects.

Shoot Location: Philadelphia
Shoot dates: March 3, 2012 – March 9, 2012
Location of audition: Temple University
Contact information:

Casting Location: Philadelphia, PA
Contact email:

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