“Two Days To Pay” – Trailer shoot – Boston


location: Boston, MA

Category: Film

Company name: Vertex Entertainment

Storyline: The exterior to growing out of segregation in the 1970s, a young male must look back on how his life unfolded this way and the decisions made along his life’s journey.


[YOUNG GREG] (12-16)- A short haired African American, and short in height. Must be willing to work with harsh language, and train to hold a prop weapon. Character is main role and takes on many aspects of film.

[GREG] (30) – An older version of the kid, African American still with short hair and height. Working to keep his life together in later years.

[DELLA] (40s) – Mother to Greg, who loves her children but dealing with the harsh perils of transitioning into the seventies and mental stress.

[BEN] (30s-40s)- Tall, built African American. Ruthless to most being a leader of a gang, but loving to family.

[MALE SOCIAL WORKER] (30s) – Average build, White American able to play the business part.

[FEMALE SOCIAL WORKER] (30s) – Business part escorting children from houses to foster care.

[Marie] (12) – Younger sister to Greg.
[Tony (9)] – Younger Brother to Greg.

Shoot: Sep. 22nd-23rd
Shooting is in Worcester, MA. Auditions will also be held in Boston, Ma and Worcester, MA. Shoot is Non-union and paid 100/day plus transportation costs.

For auditions and more info contact:

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Boston, MA
Contact email: kyle.dedeian@vertexentertainment.com

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