Looking for Asian American actor – Irvine


Paid acting job

location: Irvine

Category: Student Films

Student Film
Male / Asian / 20 – 36 /

Looking for one Asian American who is a native English speaker. Better if also speaks Korean. Down-to-earth. Around 5’5 to 6’1 tall. Age 20-36. Most of the scene, he will work with one 87-year-old man and 22- 28 year old girl.

Park interviewed the 87-year-old man last year. Since then they go out a lot and get to know each other more. Park has been living in California for 21 years and his family is in Korea. He finds himself unsecured toward his relationship with his girlfriend. From the old man, he gradually learns something about life and his love relationship.

Filming period: until Aug. 26, or earlier
Location: Irvine
Rate: $500

Please contact hsiaofol@uci.edu

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Irvine

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