“Undeniable” The Movie – Auditions in Atlanta

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location: Atlanta, GA

Category: Film

Atlanta Production Company is currently seeking male and female actors/extras. Please email head shots and resume along with the ROLE you would like to audition for to UndeniableTheMovie@Gmail.com. Please DO NOT SEND A BLANK EMAIL with just your resume and head shot. . If you are selected for an audition you will receive a confirmation email with date, time, and location. Serious inquiries ONLY! This is a non-paying role but meals/credit/copy will be provided. Must be available for filming Oct — Nov 2012. Excellent portfolio project. Submitting to Sundance and other film festivals.

Synopsis: Drama

Having given up her dreams to be a loving devout housewife and mother for the last 15 years, Victoria Clark no longer recognizes the woman looking back at her in the mirror. Fed up with her husbands extramarital affairs she is determined to reestablish herself at all costs. When an unexpected love interest appears, Victoria is plunged headfirst into a chapter of her life that threatens to break every foundation she’s set for herself.

Victoria Clark. Lead. Female. 25-35. African-American. Blossoming mother and housewife determined to reestablish herself. Includes partial nudity, no frontal shots.

Michael Clark. Lead. Male. 35-45. Caucasian. Very successful charming business man. Often times dominating and arrogant, he can lie with a straight face. Includes partial nudity, no frontal shots.

Samone Richards. Lead. Female. 25-35. African-American. Highly educated, quick witted successful female. Exudes poise, grace, and sophistication. Includes partial nudity, no frontal shots.

Amber MacDouga. lSupporting. Female. 30-40. Caucasian. Very sassy and sensual. She’s used to using her body to get what she wants. Includes partial nudity, no frontal shots.

Mike Jr. Supporting. Male. 15-20. African-American. Playful and laidback, slightly shy.

Carol. Supporting. Female. 50+. African-American. Old fashioned female. Very religious, of West Indian descent.

Cynthia. Supporting. Female. 30-35. African-American. Opinionated and outspoken.

Michelle. Supporting. Female. 25-35. Judgmental and easily persuaded.

Rick. Supporting. Male. 30-40. Any ethnicity. Athletic and charming.

Leah. Supporting. Female. 18-25. Any ethnicity. Young college student. Includes partial nudity, no frontal shots.

Extras: All ages and ethnicities.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact email: UndeniableTheMovie@Gmail.com

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