Zombie-themed office comedy casting call


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location: San Francisco, CA

Category: Comedy

We are hosting a casting session this Saturday at noon for our zombie-themed office comedy. This is a small project, so we can only offer copy, credit, and meals at this time.

Anyone who may be interested should feel free to email me. Links to reels, headshots, and resumes would be appreciated! Selected applicants will be contacted by our casting director for a time slot on Saturday. Please review the character bios, and include the character you’re interested in auditioning for in your email.

Main Characters

Eric: Late 20’s/early 30’s. Endearing in an awkward, unassuming sort of way. He likes his job at Saxon-Stern because he genuinely wants to help people find work. Example actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 80’s John Cusack, Dule Hill, John Krasinski.

Craig: Late 40’s. Bombastic, swaggering, and philandering. His two primary motivators are women and avoiding work. Example actors: Bruce Campbell, Dwayne Johnson, Christopher McDonald, Miguel Sandoval.

Amy: Late 20’s/Early 30’s. Pretty and smart with a trenchant wit, she has little patience for most of humanity. Example actresses: Allison Pill, Amy Adams, Stacy Haiduk, Clair Danes.

Fred: Early 30’s/Early 40’s. Slovenly, short-tempered and seething with discontent, Fred is a zombie who deals with his hatred of the office by fonding recalling the fun days of the zombie apocalypse. Example actors: Jason Rogel, Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Nick Frost.

Tiffany Metzger: Early 20’s. Sexy and selfish, she uses the former to enable the latter. Example actresses: Sarah Michelle Geller, Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union, Anna Faris.

Patricia: Late 40’s/Early 50’s. Territorial, mean, and intolerant, Patricia is a time serving office worker with few people skills and no professional ambitions other than reaching retirement age. Example actresses: Kathy Bates, Angela Kinsey, Camryn Manheim, Judy Dench.

Secondary Characters

Lisa: Mid 20’s/Early 30’s. An annoying chatterbox always ready to talk at anyone too polite to walk away, she just wants to be everyone’s friend. Example Actresses: Mindy Kaling, Kellie Martin, Raven Symone.

Nancy: Mid 40’s. A tireless, reliable, and unappreciated zombie office worker. Only a single scene in episode 1. Example Actresses: Jane Lucas, Tamsin Greig, Jo Marie Payton, Michelle Fairley.

Tom: Early 20’s. An earnest looking young man trying to land his first real job. Example Actors; Joshua Malina, Fred Savage, John Francis Daley.

Thank you

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact email: [email protected]

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