Acting auditions for a movie Chicago

Bachelors Grove-The Movie (Chicago, IL) is currently casting Chicago-based actors.

chicago movie casting call

About the movie:
Bachelors Grove – The Movie
Bachelors Grove Cemetery is one of the top ten scariest places in America, often featured in main stream television networks. “Bachelors Grove” is the first movie ever made inspired on this subject.

A series of bizarre murders terrorize the peaceful community of Bachelors Grove. Friendly citizens suddenly turning against their own families. What’s causing such aberrant behavior? Who’s next?

Casting the following roles:

Sheriff Baker – (age: 50s) Caucasian, male, conservative, smart, very rational.

Doctor Santoro – (age: 40s) Latino, male, educated, charismatic.

Tim Peterson – (age: mid-late 20s) Caucasian, male, handsome, charismatic.

Roy Kinsley – (age: 50s) Caucasian, male, into the paranormal, not very bright.

Peggy Kinsley – (age: 50s) Caucasian, female. Roy’s wife, lives with him in a trailer, not very bright.

Creepy Jimmy – (age: 20s-30s) Caucasian, male, selfish, has no scruples.

Deputy – (age: 30s) Caucasian, male.

Restaurant Owner – (age: 50s-late 60s) African American, male.

Restaurant Owner’s Wife – (age: late 40s-late 50s) African American, female.

Client – (age: late 40s-60s) African American, male.

Homeless Man – (age: late 40s-60s) Caucasian, male.

TV Reporter – (age: 30s-50s) Female, attractive, confident.

Jackson’s Daughter – (age: early 20s) African American, female.

Teenager – (age: minimum 18-mid 20s) Caucasian males.

Teenager (age: minimum 18-mid 20s) African American males.

Teenager* – (age: minimum 18-mid 20s) Caucasian females.
* classical acting experience helpful

Please include the character(s) you wish to be considered for in the subject:

Union and non-union actors are welcome to submit.

Shooting is scheduled to begin mid-July, 2013 in Chicago, IL (USA)

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  1. Justin Oliva

    I am extremely interested in the movie sent me an email please. I am a male 18 years of age ,but look older then what I really am.

  2. Maurice

    Call me because I want a role in the movie.

  3. Olemoney

    I Wish To Have The Role As (TV REPORTER) of course. We All Love The Camera; I Am Also Interested In The Role As The Restaurant Owner’s Wife. Yes, I Can Handle Both!!

  4. Nicole Lermn

    I am interested in the teen caucasian role. Email me please

  5. Jacob

    Hello! I’m really interested in the movie but I noticed that no main roles would fit me, do you have an extra/ smaller part roles..I’m 14 going to be 15 soon..thank you!

  6. Eric Patterson

    I want the part for the teenager 18 to mid 20’s. I’m 21, African American, I’m talkative at times and I have a personality like no other. I’m ready right now, please call me, it would be the first for me.

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