Actors for 48 Hour Film Project in Los Angeles

Revenge of The Third Eye

Where: Los Angeles, CA
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Type: Film

We will be participating in the 48Hour Film Project here in Los Angeles and we are looking for three great actors to participate in it with us. We will be shooting Friday (night only), 8/2 through Sunday, 8/4. The rules state that everyone who participates must volunteer, but we will be providing food, a copy of the short, and a really amazing experience. These roles are so much fun and will be a great addition to any reel. Please email me your picture, resume and any clips you have. Comedy chops a huge plus!

Male, African American, MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO PLAY YOUNGER. African American, slightly overweight. Teenage detective for the secrete organization TAC (Teens against crime). To JJ, there is nothing more honorable and important than being a detective. He’s read every detective novel cover to cover, in fact he pretty much lives his life like he is inside one. Has a crippling fear of ketchup.
Male, Mexican American, MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO PLAY YOUNGER. Teenage detective for the secrete organization TAC (Teens Against Crime). Just as smart as his older brother JJ, but impulsive and controlled by his emotions instead of common sense. He thinks the world is a tragic shithole that crushes sensitive souls and he wants in on the action. Always wants to “interrogate” for some reason.

Female, MUST BE 18 TO PLAY 16, ANY ETHNICITY. Very LA… we’re talking Kale chips, juicing and yoga. She is beautiful and completely unsuspecting until you realize how deliciously psychotic and evil she really is.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
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