Actress Wanted New Jersey


Female Actors.

Where: Garfield N.J/ North New jersey
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Type: Film

Searching for female Actors for upcoming projects like short film, Comedy skits, Webisodes and many projects that will be submitted to various Film festivals. We currently have a few people for various roles and projects so we are looking for a specific type of Female Actor for this Current project and re-occuring roles that will lead to paid roles in the future once as a team we can lock down sponsorships, and a better budget, for the moment it’s non paid but for those who would like to build their Portfolio in diverse ways and help an empire grow as well get many things done, requirements are passionate about the craft of acting and building, team player, no ego’s and Plenty dedication. Please be able to fulfill this list in order to be seen for an interview.

1.)NO Taller than 5’6/18+
2.)Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, Indian. light to mid dark complexion for our current role, we need a specific look.
3.)Must not be further than 1hr to 1 1/2hrs from 07026.
4.)Few pics from a few angles so we can fit you in properly and see if you fit the required role via your look.
5.)Petite to mid weight, please not much bigger again for current role we need fulfilled.
6.)Acting experience not a must but acting ability.
7.)Willing to be committed/Driven and willing to travel.

Please fulfill these required things in order to move forward,not fulfilling even one shows you already have a problem in paying attention. And please take note we do have certain roles already filled for other height requirements,sizes, ethnicities and gender but will make future post when we need more, again we are just trying to fulfill a certain look for our last position so keep a lookout for those post in the future, we are just assisting with another writers project currently before we shoot our webisode in March in which then we will make a post for other people, just one thing at a time. We get a lot of responses between different roles we look for so please be patient and we will respond Asap. Pleasure always ~Triumph-Producer/ Mike Monkey King-Director.~

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Garfield N.J/ North New jersey
Please submit to: iomegaMonkeyProductions@Gmail.Com

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