Allentown PA Band

By | March 26, 2013

lets start a band

Where: P.A allentown
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Type: Crew

I wanna start a band me and three girls but not like a instrument playing one like a a singing one like the group o.m.g girls but better it will be very fun we would start singing any where like mall the x factor and post videos on youtube but you have to be a very fun person to hang around and to be able to sing loudly and you cant be shy we will come up with the name together and you guys get to come up with your own stage name if you wanna join follow me on twitter @taty5ana and send me a message that you wanna join and ill hook an addition with you


City or Location of call: P.A allentown
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One thought on “Allentown PA Band

  1. tatyana

    Sorry guys but I’m going to have to end this it will be nice to start a band but they’re stuff happining and this will have to wait


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