American Pediatrics Association casting African American actress – NYC


The American Pediatrics Association is currently seeking an African-American woman in her 30’s to portray a mother and re-enact a medical scenario regarding her 11 year-old daughter not wanting to go to school due to health issues.

Shoot date will be on Friday, July 26th at Cornell Medical School on the Upper East Side.

Pay will be around $300-$400 for the day’s shoot and it is non-union

In order to be considered for this, please submit your self-taped audition to (SIDES ARE BELOW)

I prefer a link to youtube or dropbox if possible, but if that can’t be done, you can attach it to your email with your headshot and resume.

Please note that we are casting off of the audition tapes. They don’t have to be fancy or memorized, but we need to get a good sense of your acting ability. Deadline to submit is this Monday, July 15th.

Good luck and I look forward to receiving your submissions!

-Gayle Robbins

SIDES: (Mother is talking with physician)

Mom Sides:

“I’ve been worried about Maria. She has been complaining about stomach aches several times s each week for the last few weeks. Sometimes it is after breakfast, sometimes after dinner, and sometimes I have to pick her up at school. . At first I gave her some tums and hot tea but this didn’t seem to be help her. At times I’ve given her some Tylenol which seems to help a little but this keeps happening and I’m getting worried she may have something serious.
The school nurse has been calling me about three times each week. I usually pick her up from school and she comes home and rests. That seems to help but my boss is giving me a hard time about leaving work so frequently. Her father travels for business a lot so he hasn’t been around much so I’m the one who has to pick her up and deal with this. I don’t know how much longer I can do this”

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