Auditions for babies for Pampers TV Commercial


Now casting babies for a TV Commercial!

Donna Grossman casting of New York City is casting for a Pampers TV spot and is looking for lots and lots of babies.

Baby auditions for pampers


The casting directors are looking for many babies of East Indian and Asian descent to be used in a TV commercial spot for Pampers. The spot will run in Asia and the babies chosen to participate will make at least $500 for the photo shoot. If your baby is chosen for the commercial then there may be a few thousand dollars in it for you and your child.

Casting calls are being held this week in New York City and casting directors are accepting online / email submissions of baby photos for anyone interested.

Please read the 2 casting calls below and only submit if your child fits the specifications.

Auditions will be Tuesday in New York city and only the babies selected will be called in to tryout for the commercial spot. There are 2 seperate casting calls and each has certain specifications. All in all they are seeking babies that are 0 to 30 months in age and mostly Asian or Indian. Please follow the below directions to submit your child to the TV commercial.

About Donna Grossman Casting:

Donna Grossman Casting is a full service boutique casting company based in the heart of Manhattan. We cast commercials, print, beauty, TV, film, theater, web series, live events and special projects.

this casting is closed



45 thoughts on “Auditions for babies for Pampers TV Commercial

  1. Naneth asonada

    Hi, I’m from Philippines and my baby is half Australian 3months old now. People told us that my baby is like a doll she’s always smiling too. I hope I can hear from you. Thanks

  2. Susie Coronado-Manalo

    I want to join my son in this project.. He is from Philippines. He is 6 months old and He is a very cute and smiling baby. I hope we can join in this event.

    Thank you

  3. Linette Fernandez

    Baby? My baby boy is so awesome. He is good on camera.

  4. Joanne

    I would like to try to post my daughter’s photo. Now she’s almost 2 months old. Where can I submit her photo?


    can I send my daughter photo? she is a smiley girl.


    My baby is 6 month old. She is very cute and a super active and energetic girl.

  7. Kajal Gaur

    My 1 year daughter is very cute and attractive. She is a born actress.

  8. Johanna Belgera

    Hello there,

    I am interested to apply for an audition for my daughter. She’s a very attractive baby, cute and smart. She’s half Philippine and half Arabic(Egyptian). She is turning 6 months. Where can I send her photo?
    Pls advice…

    Thank you and more power!

  9. Melba Nacua

    Hi I’m from the Philippines and I would like to join my daughter. She is 13 months old, she is pretty, cute, and lovable,
    Thank you and god bless.

  10. Charlotte David

    I’m from the Philippines and I would like to join my daughter. She is 8 months old, she is pretty, looks like MARIA LETIZIA DANTES and she’s photogenic!
    So please give my daughter an opportunity. Thank you and godbless 🙂

  11. Blasilda Adiao

    Hi I want to audition my very cute and very energetic nephew.. He is 7 months old. Half Filipino, half Korean.. he always likes to eat and keeps smiling.

  12. Ananya Sharma

    He is super cute, energetic and a happy baby. He is Indian and 9 months old.

  13. Ananya Sharma

    He is super cute, energetic and a happy baby.

  14. ria domingo

    Hi i would like to join.. my daughter is 4 months old. She’s smart and pretty, her name is Aria Shameera, half Indian, half Filipino.

  15. Jhelyn Aira C. Motea

    My baby is cute and lovable. I want to audition my baby in a Pampers Commercial here in the Philippines. He always wears a smile in his face. He’s only 3 months old.

  16. phumzile

    Hi I’m from South Africa and I have a seven month old baby, she’s half Nigerian, can she still enter?

  17. Kathlem Leigh ocampo Zahoor

    My baby is 2 months old half Filipino half Pakistan. We are living in the Philippines but are going to Dubai soon.

  18. Alyssa

    Hi i’m from Philippines and I would like to join my son! 3 month old, he’s so cute. Please give my son an opportunity. Thank you and god bless

  19. Cristy Reambonanza

    Hi, I’m from the Philippines. I would like to take the opportunity to audition my 4 month old daughter. She’s so cute and pretty as well, her name is Sophia Ashley.

  20. Glenda villarias

    Hello I’m Glenda from Philippines.. I want to join my daughter she is now 1 year old and 3 months. she is smart, pretty, and a happy baby.

  21. Glenda villarias

    Hello I’m from the Philippines, can I join my daughter? She is now 1 year and 3 months old. She is a very cute and smart baby.. and also happy.

  22. Kimberly Pan

    Hello I’m from the Philippines, can I join my son he is now 2 months old, he is adorable and happy baby.

  23. Rekha

    Hi, I am from India, I want to join my son of 11 months to this audition, he is very cute. thank you

  24. miracle losa

    I’m mommy miracle. I have a daughter 1 year old, Qusun Kendra is the name. She is pretty and smart. I want her to have experience and to get into commercials.

  25. Ma.Bhea Barber

    i have a daughter named Zakhanaia Esperanza, she’s 5 months and has potential in commercials. This might be her opportunity to experience the t.v industry.

  26. Sherilyn Alagao

    Hi I’m from the Philippines and I want to join my 9-month baby girl in your audition for commercial. She is smart, pretty and a happy baby.

  27. ofelia

    Hi my name is ofelia and I have a daughter of nine moths. I would like her to join to audition for a commercial.

  28. Analyn

    I want to under go an audition, my grand daughter, she is 3 months old and I want her to be part of your big event, thank you and God bless.

  29. navraj gurung

    Nishika is really too cute. She is an angel and we are in India. She is 11 months old. How can I get her going?

  30. Jerrimy Habal

    Hi im from Philippines, can I join my 6 months old baby boy? Is the Auditions still open? Thanks

  31. Diane Vega

    We are from Philippines. Can I join my baby? She is 8 months old.

  32. mary ann aguirre

    Hi, can’t I join my baby boy he is 6 month old. He weights 10 kilos, but he is in the Philippines.

  33. raiza corilla

    Hi, how to join for the commercial.. my baby is so cute, if you want a baby, my son always available, thanks.

  34. rizamil

    Hi, my name is Rizamil. I have a son who is 5 months old he turns 6 on feb 03, he is a half Swedish and half Philipeno. Does he have a chance to join the Pampers Commercial? thanks.

  35. ashley

    Hi I’m Ashley my son is 9 months old, his name is Carmelo Lucas. I want him to join. I’m from the Philippines.

  36. Andrew Kounlabout

    I have a very happy adorable energetic little girl, ethnicity Laotian, very beautiful, contact me for pictures.

  37. Mary Margaret Marteja

    Hi, I’m Mary Margaret Marteja from the Philippines. I want to my son to join, he is 5 months old.

  38. elinor

    Hi, my name is Elinor Compis from the Philippines. My daughter is 4 months and 4 days old, she is smart, full of character, attitude and very pretty.
    At 2 months and 11 she was able to use her walker and she started baby talk.
    She is half Indian half Philippine.

  39. jenny perez

    I’m very interested in this casting, my daughter is 7 months, half Guyanese and half Dominican. She is really cute and active and has lots of energy.

  40. jacqueline juego

    I’m from the philipines. I want to join my 2 years old daughter in this project. She is adorable and very talented.

  41. Amulya

    Hello, I am from India, I want to join my son of 10 months to this audition. thank you

  42. rza ansag

    I want to join my baby in this audition because my baby is very energetic and friendly.

  43. kathy david

    Hello, I have some questions regarding to this audition. I’m from the Philippines, can I still join the audition? My daughter is 3 months old half Indian, half Philippine. thanks in advance.


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