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Chase Harrington is a feature film about the sole survivor of an attempted group suicide who reveals a dark secret to a journalist; sent to interview him on the one-year anniversary of the incident

Actors needed for the following 12 Roles

Chase (20s, Male) – LEAD -Attractive, smart, well-spoken, charming, nice, and incredibly generous to the disdain of his parents. He is easy to like and harder to try and figure out. He is very protective of his friends. He has become a savior of sorts to people who hear his story, even though he doesn’t try to fix/save them. He is constantly blamed and ridiculed for being the ring leader and not being smarter about his life decisions.

Nicholas (Mid to Late 20s, Male) – LEAD –Journalist who is sent to interview Chase; smart, sharp-witted, scruffy, fragile, and vulnerable. He hides what he feels and thinks for the intended protection of those around him.

Sarah (20s, Male) – SUPPORTING – Chase’s girlfriend; attractive, sweet, mild mannered, unintentionally funny, free-spirited. She doesn’t believe in GOD but does believe in an afterlife where she will be with her friends.

Deborah (Late 40s, Female) – SUPPORTING – Chase’s mother; classy, high strung, overbearing, controlling and manipulative. She pretends to care about him, but sees his suicide as a means for exploitation.

Edward (20s, Male) – SUPPORTING – Chase’s best friend since grade school; honest, well-dressed, well-liked and kind. He is a major supporter of the suicide pact, as well as scribe of the suicide note. He tries to see the best in people’s intentions no matter how wrong they are.

Ellie (20s, Female) – SUPPORTING – Edward’s girlfriend; nice, outspoken, very animated and impulsive. She is the most nervous about fulfilling the pact.

Caleb (20s, Male) – SUPPORTING – Asshole, no one likes him; aggressive, disrespectful, and a tough guy. Feels the need to always show his male dominance.

Samantha (20s, Female) – SUPPORTING – Caleb’s mild-mannered girlfriend; stays with him out of pure love no matter how poorly he treats her. Her love and tolerance for him is amazing and admirable.

Karen Hendricks (Late 40s, Female) – SUPPORTING – Sarah’s mother; extremely religious, blames Chase for the incident. She believes that it is in God’s plan to punish Chase, but doesn’t believe that the punishment is coming soon enough.

Ben Hendricks (Late 40s, Male) – SUPPORTING – Sarah’s father; he too blames Chase for everything. He wants to hurt Chase but is unable to knowing that, as a man of God, it is not right.

Josh (20s, Male) – SUPPORTING – Edward’s younger brother; talks to Chase about his brother and the type of person he was since they didn’t have a close relationship. He is broken up and confused by Edward’s death because there was no note for him.

Dealer (20s, Male) – SUPPORTING – Hippy drug dealer who is completely oblivious about life because he has
done too many drugs.

This will be Unpaid, as the entire budget is going to the cost of the film; however, you will receive copy and credit for prospective role, and meals will be provided. You will also receive an invitation to any film festivals into which we are accepted.

Auditions will be held in MAY. Please e-mail with headshots and resume. Location for audition, as well as sides, will be given out upon submission.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Austin, TX
Please submit to:

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