Charleston SC – Now casting Film “The Haunted”


The Haunted

Casting notice on

Where: Charleston SC, and possibly Baltimore MD

Posting for Director Shawn Anthony


C.R.H. – HellFire Club Studio Pictures will be casting for it’s fourth Feature Film “The Haunted”
Auditions – The Haunted – Feature Film –Union & Non-Union – Deferred pay unless otherwise indicated.
Audition Dates: First round of auditions will be done through a Dramatic Video Monologue 1 to 2 min. please send your Headshot, Resume and Reel if available to Video deadline is January 15th
From the creator of the Award winning feature Horror film SoulMate: True Evil Never Dies comes a new style of Horror “The Haunted”. Callback Auditions will consist of readings from the script, and will be held the end of January.
THE HAUNTED is a horror film that will redefine the genre for a modern age.
Plot summery: “ Michael has hit rock bottom in his life. His wife has left him and taken their daughter. He receives a call about a dream job that includes an old house. As he begins to settle into his new life he begins to experience strange phenomena. Struggling to maintain his sanity Michael hires a paranormal research team to investigate his experiences in the house. They all soon find out that nothing escapes The Haunted.
This is a by APPOINTMENT ONLY CALL, so please send your Headshot, Resume and Reel if available to to secure your spot. We will send you your scheduled time if we think you fit a role.
We will try to accommodate people’s schedules if we can, but can’t make any promises. Please bring a headshot and resume to your audition. If you do not have a headshot, a recent photograph of yourself will be accepted.
We encourage you to join our facebook site at The Haunted for up to date information on the project. ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRES NEED APPLY.

Lead and Supporting Role Listings:
Kate: An Irish ghost with a score to settle THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

Michael Foster: (age early 30’s to 40 in good shape with a lawyer look) Michael has hit rock bottom until he is offered his dream job that includes a beautiful old house. When he begins to experience supernatural events. Now he must determine what the ghost wants with him and how he can free himself from the Haunted.

Gale Foster (Age early 30’s to 40 a trophy style wife with good looks and a sharp wit) Michaels wife who leaves him after a series of unfortunate events in their lives, she is determined to protect their daughter from Michaels depressive state.

Angela Foster (11 to 14 years old) Angela loves her father but can’t take seeing him the way he has been. Knowing that staying with her mom is the only option she goes with her but has a large resentment towards her mother. Angela has to have a serious teenage attitude and be able to play a believable emotional character.

The Man In Black: A Mysterious man who shows up to tempt Michael’s fate. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

Adam Crawford: (Age late twenties to mid 30’s very Hollywood) Adam is a Hollywood medium that comes out to investigate Michael’s haunting. His goal is to get his own t.v. Show for him self. He is arrogant and cocky.

Claire: (Early to mid 20’s sexy but smart some partial nudity) Claire has worked with Adam for a year and is trying to make it big as an actress. She goes along on the haunts to play up Adams Bullshit. Very sexual in nature, She has a body and knows how to get what she wants by using it.

Nikko: (Early 20’s to 30’s Asian) Nikko is the brains of the operation and a wizard at creating ghosts even when there are none there. He is a bit shy and is always trying to please Claire.

Ray: (Early 20’s to 30’s African American) Ray is Adams right hand guy. He is a very large and muscular guy who isn’t afraid of anything. His attitude is simple “If I ever see a ghost I’ll kick its ass”.

Molly: (Early 20’s girl next door) Molly is new to Adams group and is very shy. She hides her looks and is dying for a chance to show that ghosts are real. She comes from a broken home and is just looking to be accepted.
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Especially looking for more submissions for: Michael, Claire, and Nikko Roles. Thank you! (All roles listed that are open still are however, please only submit if you feel you personally physically fit the role) Best of luck!

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Charleston SC, and possibly Baltimore MD
Contact email:

7 thoughts on “Charleston SC – Now casting Film “The Haunted”

  1. Mona de Krem

    I would like to do audition for Angela Foster.
    But I live in Europe .

  2. Jayda

    I would like to audition for Angela . I live in charleston South Carolina and I’m 15 but I’m so short I could go for 11 or 14 … Please email me

  3. Crystal Jarvis

    I am 12 years old and can look younger or older. I have some experience working on camera and would love the chance to show you my skills email me.

  4. Arianne Kindy

    Hello there! My name is Arianne Kindy and I am 18. I believe that I would be the perfect person to play Molly, the girl next door. I have acted in Army Wives and have appeared on News 2 so I have had experience. I can look older than I am(early 20s), I have a physical appearance that would compliment the character, and I am into the super natural so I believe the fit is flawless. Also, I have felt what it’s like to struggle to be accepted and often feel like an outsider. It is tough and you simply have to push through no matter the consequences. I would be able to come in whenever needed and read a monologue I have memorized for you or even do a cold read. Feel free to email me whenever you have the opportunity! Thank you!

  5. Makayla Drayton Jenkins

    I would love to play the part of Angela Foster.

    Name: Makayla Drayton Jenkins
    Ethnic: African American
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair Color: Black
    Height: 5,5 1/2
    Location: Beaufort,SC

    Please email back as soon as you can thank you

  6. Tywanza Sanders

    I am 25 years old, African American and would love to audition for the part of Ray

  7. Miranda small

    I would love to be the young girl Angela Foster: I am Black haired and 12 years of age. My name is Miranda, I am a actress, singer and dancer. I work on my acting all the time. I live in Summerville SC. and I’m 4’9 feet tall. I have Hazel Eyes and long hair.

    I would love to try out!.


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