‘Dance Moms’ Ultimate Dance Competition Reality Show

By | November 23, 2013

Abby Lee Miller of the hit reality kids dance show is now casting for season 4 (2014). Abby is searching the nation for the best young dancers around to maybe join her cast and the ‘Dance Moms’ show.

Dance Moms‘ is about the Abby Lee Dance Company and Abby’s Elite Competition Dance Group. The dance group is made up of very talented young dancers who are 7 to 15 years old. The company and the girls travel to competitions allover the U.S. and are competing to get a national dance title. The show focuses just as much on the moms as it does on the girls and since it is a reality show, we get to see lots of backstage drama.

Auditions for young dancers going on for 2 separate shows! ‘Dance Moms‘ and ‘Ultimate Dance Competition‘.

Is your child in the dancing elite at her dance school? Do you think he or she has what it takes to compete at a national level, on a national kids reality dance show? Now is your chance to tryout for one of the 2 shows or maybe even both!

‘Dance Moms’ is looking for talented and committed young dancers, both boys and girls who are younger that 13 years old.

The show will be holding 2 more open auditions for dancers, Atlanta and New York. Producers are also offering auditions through Skype for those that can not make it to one of the dance auditions.

You can register for the show here. Please note that if you are a young dancer, you will need your parents to register you for the upcoming show auditions.

Not only are the children auditioning, but the moms are as well, the show is called ‘Dance Moms’.

Dance Moms’ Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition open casting call info:

Center Stage Atlanta
1374 West Peach Tree Street NW,
Atlanta, GA 30309

NYC on NOVEMBER 23, 2013.
NYC – NOVEMBER 23, 2013

The Grand Ballroom at The New Yorker Hotel
Second Floor
481 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Also, there is mention that SKYPE auditions may be available!

Season 4 of Dance Moms will premiere on Jan 1 of 2014, so casting for the show is moving quickly. Abby’s show airs on Lifetime Television.

Dance Moms Auditions

Here is some info on what the auditions will entail:
Abby will teach a combination and will be watching closely for standout dancers. Standout dancers will be asked to stay for a callback. Only standout dancers will move on in the process.

Be prepared to be on-camera. The auditions will be taped, maybe from the moment you walk through the door and may later be used on the show whether you and your dancer make the cut or not.

The process may take all day and if selected to move on, you may need to come back the following day as well.

Because this may be televised, please adhere to the following rules regarding apparel:

  1.  No clothing with logos, including personal logos, will be permitted.
  2. You may not wear all white or small patterns.
  3.  Children should be dressed to dance, with appropriate attire and dance shoes. They should be in full stage hair and makeup.
  4. Please bring a dance costume and supplies to do more stage hair and makeup, as it may be needed later in the audition process.
  5. Parents should be dressed up, with full hair and makeup. While we want you to remain true to yourself, you are auditioning and will be on-camera. Typically, women will wear heels and dresses to our auditions.

Registration for the Atlanta event begins at 9 a.m. as does registration for the New York City one.

You can watch the ‘Dance Moms’ casting call promo video to hear Abby speak about the new season and what they are looking for:

2 thoughts on “‘Dance Moms’ Ultimate Dance Competition Reality Show

  1. Angie Girot

    where is the casting call out for Dance Moms show going to be at in New York City on the 23rd of November.

    1. erica Post author

      NYC – NOVEMBER 23, 2013

      The Grand Ballroom at The New Yorker Hotel
      Second Floor
      481 8th Avenue
      New York, NY 10001


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