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AUDITION to be in an independent, short film: “Problems”

The film is about a group of apocalypse survivors think they are the last humans left, until they meet a girl from outside their refuge.

A Day in the Life is a video production company casting two actors and two actresses for the lead, and supporting, male and female roles in this 5-10 minute short film. (17 years of age or older)

Shooting will take place in the Bloomington, Indiana area, on two days in October, that are to be decided. Job will not pay, but everyone involved will receive a copy of the film for their portfolio, free meals, and transportation.

If you are interested in setting up an audition, please contact:

In your e-mail, attach your portfolio, or a short description of yourself. Please include: your age, height, a headshot, any other photographs you like of yourself, and list your previous acting experience (if any).

Auditions will be scheduled by e-mail, and will be 30 minutes or shorter, during the weekend of October 11-13

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