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Auditions for “Steaming” – UK

Where: London
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Type: Theater

Steaming is set in a 1980’s Baths somewhere in London. The play introduces us to six very different women and gives us a poignant, emotional and yet at times amusing view inside their lives and deepest thoughts.

When faced with the closure of their baths the women realise what a place of solace the bath house has become and its role in bringing them together with others (however different) who they can be open with about their darkest fears and most secret thoughts.

Violet: 40 – 50, Manages the bathhouse, always ready with a towel and listening ear – provides comfort where it is needed and will stand her ground. She is omnipresent.

Josie: 35 – 45, forthright, sex loving, party girl, wants to “be kept” by a man, must rise to the challenge. (Nudity)

Mrs Meadows: 65ish, Dawn’s mother and a dear soul who’s love and loyalty is unwavering, though she’s also quite dotty!

Dawn: 35ish, daughter of Mrs Meadows and operating on a slightly different plane to most people. A complex and layered role. (Nudity)

Nancy: about 40, a new addition to the steam rooms and a friend of Jane’s. Separated mother of one, educated and repressed. (Nudity)

Jane: about 40, a bohemian single mum of one, studying hard to finish degree she is a realist with a sense of humour and a loving heart. (Nudity)

The ages are fairly insignificant and should be considered as a guide only.

The Audition

The audition will be a combination of the below:

A prepared monologue, (no more than a minute) in your best English accent, preferably East London or thereabouts. Think Eastenders. London venue to be confirmed.

Please e mail cv and full body shot by 26th January 2013.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: London
Please submit to:

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