Miami – Casting auditions by appointment for TV pilot


Where: Miami, FL
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Type: TV Pilots

Show Description:

Casting actors for a half-hour long comedy program shot in cinema vérité style, blended with scripted drama and improv moments. Seeking serious actors to work with a crew who is committed to producing a hilarious and biting social commentary. Build your portfolio and resume with time worked for a demo reel, acting credits and listed as producers’ choice of actors in the pilot presentation package to networks.

Character Descriptions:

Muffy – Lead/FEMALE 40-50
Classy socialite who self-possessed of incredible confidence, esteem and slight arrogance. A smile that can be as genuine as it is condescending.

Tati – Lead/FEMALE 28-38
Married in to upper society and idolizes socialite life. Slightly humorless Latina ashamed of her ethnicity/dislikes people of color. Attempts to speak like a Gringa but frequently slips.

Mercedes – Lead/FEMALE 35-45
Lower class woman envious of the luxurious socialite life. Desperately seeks to climb the social ladder, but can never pull it off. She’s a bit tacky with a tight smile.

Tiffany – Lead/FEMALE 20-30
Exudes kindness and a love of all animals, but clueless to the real world. She is a child of Key West with a Valley Girl attitude. Extremely feminine.

Uranus(Trent) – Series Regular/MALE 30-40
Drag Queen who is not flamboyant. As Uranus, she looks like a bull in a china shop. Butch. Uranus has mastered the quick comeback and makes them as bitchy and biting as possible. She speaks with a deep, manly voice without affectation. As Trent, he’s pretty much the same — just without dress/makeup.

Mayor – Series Regular/ MALE 50-60
Effeminate. Flamboyant. High, whiny lilting voice. Creepy mannerisms. Secretly homosexual, yet obvious.

Officer Martinez – Series Regular/MALE 25-35
Very macho and sexy Latin lover; gay for pay.

Auditions by appointment held on May 11, from 11:00AM to 4:00 PM, location and sides will be provided one week prior to audition. Reply with character interest, resume, headshots and reel (if available).

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Miami, FL
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