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Where: Minneapolis
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Type: Film

Phylofilms is looking to cast the rest of our tentatively titled feature “Solace”. This film is being shot in segments and the first segment, 1938, finished primary shooting in early March. We are looking to shoot the remainder of this film in July and would like the time to work with actors schedules, so we are holding auditions now. To apply, please send a resume, headshot, and reel (if you have one) to phylofilms@gmail.com
Those we are interested in will be contacted to set up an audition on Monday April 8th between 3-9 so please indicate what works best for you in your initial email. If that day doesn’t work, we will set something else up. It may take us a couple weeks to get back to everyone, so please don’t be discouraged if we don’t respond right away. ?
We will send sides prior to the audition, so indicate which character(s) you are interested in.
In the subject line of the email, please write the character(s) you are interested in.
There will be compensation for some roles, however most will be CCM.
We look forward to hearing from all of you! ?

If you’d like to see progress on the beginning of the film, please visit our facebook page:


Below is a list of the characters:

Molly – 20’s, attractive, is going on a camping trip with her boyfriend Thomas. There is a scene where she is in her underwear.

Thomas – Late 20’s, early 30’s, tall, Clark Kent type.

Jacob Harrison – Mid 20’s, in good shape, acts fairly tough.

Lester – 30’s-40’s, town drunk, dressed like a slob and a nuisance to be around.

Leo – Late 20’s/early 30’s, smart and well mannered.


Donald Erikson – 40’s, bitter but always acts professional when he can, but dislikes most people.

Susan – 30’s, Donald’s Secretary, professional

Scott – Mid 30’s, co worker of Donald’s but not incredibly close. Tries hard to impress him.

Charles – Mid 40’s, Donald’s childhood friend, often says what is on his mind

Tiffany Erikson – College age female, very attractive, loose morals when it comes to her and her boyfriend.

Michael Green – College age male, Tiffany’s boyfriend, the stereotypical jock who always has to act tough and get the last word in.

Phil – College age male, stereotypical stoner who is too lazy to do much with himself.

Tommy – College age male, bookworm, is dating a girl named Jill but is still very shy.

Jill – College age female, cute but shy and naïve, is the most innocent one in her group of friends.

Jamie – Early 20’s female, college graduate and the most attractive of her friends. She is hosting a documentary her former classmates are working on.

Mary – Mid 20’s female, the oldest of the group and the most mature of them. She is rather plain looking, and the brains of the project.

Jay – early 20’s male, he is the youngest of the group and is working on the project just for experience, and is left to do much of the grunt work.

Craig – early 20’s male, he is the cameraman and the most socially awkward. Tries to be witty but comes off as creepy without realizing it.

James Erikson – mid 20’s male, attractive journalist who is trying to find out his families history

Lawyer – Any age male, informs James of his mothers passing and reads her will.

Felicia Richards – Mid 20’s female, James girlfriend, attractive and loving

Norman – 40 or older male, hotel front desk clerk who helps James to his room.

Jacob Harrison (old) – mid 70’s, bitter about what happened to him in 1961 and afraid that nobody will believe his story.

Brandon Fink – 20’s to 30’s male who is at a diner that James is at, and discusses James’ family history with him, a bit quirky and awkward.

Waitress – Any age female, is short with the customers and not much of a conversationalist.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Minneapolis
Please submit to: briana.rose.lee@gmail.com

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